About Us

“Brunswick Valley’s success can be attributed to our hard working and committed team. Integrity, exceptional customer service, and being an industry leader remain our top priorities.”
Mike Jennings
Brunswick Valley Lumber offers production for 3 high quality Eastern SPF Mills: Sexton Lumber, Scotsburn Lumber, and Caledonia Forest Products Ltd. Our total mill production is approximately 190 million FBM.

Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc. was founded in 2002 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Brunswick Valley Lumber production is supplied by 2 sawmills; Sexton Lumber and Scotsburn Lumber and one value added mill; Caledonia Forest Products. In addition to BVL mill production, we also operate 5 distribution yards along the eastern seaboard of North America and the ability to export softwood lumber to the Middle East, China, and Europe. BVL’s combination of mill production and distribution yards allow it to supply high-quality softwood lumber products with exceptional customer service.


At Brunswick Valley, our goal is to provide the highest quality SPF lumber products and exceptional customer service.

million FBM Annually
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